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Code of Values

The faculty and staff of Meridian are dedicated to providing students with the skills necessary to reason, communicate, and live with dignity in a civil society. Central to this mission is the creation of a school community characterized by caring, discipline, order and respect. It is the goal of a sound and fair discipline plan to support this mission.

Meridian’s Code of Values: Responsibility, Perseverance, Respect, Compassion, Honesty, Cooperation, Courage, Self-Discipline, Fairness and Loyalty

Meridian Student Creed:
We, the students of Meridian Public Charter School, strive to be positive at all times, eager to learn and accepting of others. We will maintain high standards for academic achievement and have pride in ourselves and in our community.

School Wide Expectations:
Be respectful and considerate
Be responsible
Be safe

Positive Classroom Management Systems:
Classroom Card System
Class-wide Goal of the Month
Student of the Day
High-Five Wall of Fame