About Us and Mission

The mission of Meridian Public Charter School is to inspire a passion for learning in our students and to help them build their self-confidence and self-respect through academic achievement.

Meridian Public Charter School is a nurturing and rigorous school that serves Pre-K through 8th grade students. Our students learn the foundational skills they need to succeed in today’s increasingly global world. Our Common Core-aligned curriculum includes music, art, Spanish, and physical education, and encourages students to learn, explore, and develop their own talents and interests.

We have a collaborative, child-centric school community that celebrates the diversity and love of our students. Our students are supported and engaged with each other and with the technology tools they need to succeed in school and beyond.


Our Core Values


At Meridian Public Charter School, students will learn to fulfill obligations and duties even when it is difficult to do so. Responsibility entails order – putting things back where they belong and taking care of personal property and common spaces. Vandalism, graffiti, or littering is not tolerated at the school. Responsibility means doing one’s homework neatly, completely, and in a timely fashion. It also means fulfilling obligations to others both inside and outside of the classroom.


All members of our school community are encouraged to interact in a warm and friendly manner. Students are expected to demonstrate respect by walking quietly in the halls, without pushing, shoving, or hitting others. Respect for others begins with respect for one’s self. This is shown in how you dress and behave both at school and at home – including wearing uniforms daily. Respect for one’s self and others is part of building strong personal character.


At Meridian, building relationships is important. Students will learn to care for others. Caring about one’s classmates is a building block for strong school spirit. It means being generous and remembering the generosity of others.

Another part of building relationships is controlling one’s behavior and emotions for the purpose of self-improvement. Self-discipline leads to self-control, which is essential to building strong character.


Our History

Meridian Public Charter School was founded in 1999 by a group of dedicated individuals who shared a common belief that they could improve the lives of the children who reside in the District of Columbia. With this belief, Meridian Public Charter School opened to one hundred students in Pre-Kindergarten to third grade. Each year, Meridian added one grade until we reached 8th grade.

Meridian is managed by a Board of Trustees, of which two are parent representatives. Under this leadership, Meridian was first accredited in 2006 by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, Meridian made substantial gains in reading and mathematics and has been named a Top School in the District of Columbia by Johns Hopkins University in 2009 and gained recognition from FOCUS (Friends of Choice in Urban Schools) for closing the achievement gap in 2010.   

Meridian was selected as one of six winners of the citywide Every Day Counts! Attendance Competition because of the improvement in attendance the school made in the 2016-17 school year. The competition, sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education and the State Board of Education, rewards winning schools with support for an end of year celebration to recognize the hard work of schools, families and students to make every day count and encourage strong attendance next school year.

Meridian opened a new middle school campus in 2015. This separate facility has given students the opportunity to build a unique middle school culture and allowed our younger students more space to thrive.   

Meridian Public Charter School now serves over seven hundred students from Pre-K3 through 8th grade. Our school boasts a rich history and has been the cornerstone of the Meridian Hill community and U Street corridor for many years.